Thursday, August 6, 2015

Restructuring Clan To Start Winning Wars Again

Since the introduction of clan wars one of the most frustrating things is when your clan loses wars because of a few inactive players that just don't put in their attacks or that don't donate often enough so that others can put in their attacks in a timely manner.

Our clan used to do really well with wars in the very beggining. We won most of our wars then One wrong person became CO-Leader and kicked a few good people out and rebuilding the clan from that day has been rough. We have had a rash of new members that have pretty much sabotaged the rest of our war efforst consistenly lossing by just 3-8 stars each war.

I have probably kicked out about a thousand people within the past 5 months for lack of attacks in wars and each war has been close when we should have won by a landslide. Ending up keeping only my Co's and  Elders then rebuilding again and again. We are constantly getting closer to finally turning our war record back around and I know that until it turns around completely the good players always will look at the war record and run away scared instead of realizing they are the ones that can easilly help change that for the better.

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