Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Queen Is Dead Series

Everyone at the higher levels understands one thing that has been understood in war for centuries take down the highest head and usually the rest of the army will follow. Often wars can be stopped and won with just one kill... the right kill. Take out the top general, the president, the dictator of a country and you can subdue the rest. It is similar in Clash of Clans often times the Archer Queen can sometimes hold off an attack almost by herself and your attack may hinge on one factor.... Cutting Off the Queens head... OFF with Her Head!

Our first video shown here shows how Lavahound Pups chase down and kill the Queen kind of like she's a portable air defence unit. a few others show alternate attack patterns and The queen vs Hogs... if you don;t take out the Queen she will kill the hogs fast.

A few strategies include luring her and then using Barbarian King to whack off the Queens head or The Lavahounds to take her out or sets of wizards and balloons etc... check out the how to 3 star videos below to help you in your war attacks.

Coming Up On Our 7th Month: Meet some of our great members

Our Clan Shaolin on Clash of Clans is coming up on it's 7th month pretty soon we will be 1 year old. The clan has gone through extensive changes only a handful of the original members remain and we have been struggling to find new quality members.

I am the leader DJEmir of I try my best to get everyones donation requests handled if they arent filled already by our other members. I used to be the highest donating member in Ghosts Clan and as such remained the highest donating member in the Shaolin clan as well often hitting donations in the 4000 to 6000 range each 2 week season .

Superkoso who's been with us since nearly the very beginning remains as one of the more helpful Co-Leaders and has joined me in The Game Jungle Heat in our Clan "Real Kings" on there. So far Superkoso is the only member of the clan to have ever beaten me in Donation amounts. He beat me one time when I became a little extra busy with design work and has come very close a few other times. Superkoso and I both often hit donation numbers in the 3000 to 6000 range

"Chief Killer" has been in the clan since the very beginning and remains a helpful member and has been making great progress with upgrades and attack tactics.

Faunlormic is the only member that I know personally through our Shaolin Kung Fu Classes at the Denver Shaolin Center on 7174 Washington St. Denver, CO. I have known him for several years and recently found out he also played COC so I invited him in. He's a very busy guy but still manages to always get his 2 attacks in every clan war.

Burri became a member a while back and has always been helpful and generous in donations. A good war attacker and a consistent player I promoted him to coleader rather quickly and he's been with us ever since.

LadyBeewoods has an uncanny ability to read my mind about certain trouble maker players. I tend to give them a little more benefit of the doubt thinking I'll give them one more day to get their act together and get their donations up whereas she tends to just kick them if they continue down the dark path. She usually kicks people just a day before I get ready to do so making my life easier LOL. She is very generous with troop donations and is a helpful player that also will offer advice if asked. Very glad to have her as part of our team.

CapnPlague is another one of our oldest standing members and often gets 3 stars in his war attacks. And is another great Co-Leader in the clan. Whenever we are down in points and him and I still have attacks left I always think of Capn crunch and say "You n The Captain can make it happen" LOL Though it probably means CAP N Plague as in Cap a person's base, I have always read it as CAPTAIN IE...Capn Plague LOL

We've had a few others that have come and gone Like LuckyCharms, dragonelf and a few others but our current war loss streak tends to scare people off. Once we find a few more great members like the ones mentioned above and a few others we currently have in the clan we will start turning that war streak back around. so Come Join Us... Together we can rule the galaxy!

Clan Name: Shaolin 
Clan Level: 3 (Almost 4)
Clan Tag: #RR982Y
Current Members: 40/50
War Frequency: Always
Current required Trophies: 1800 (sometimes lowered to 1600 and even 1400)
Wars Won: 14
Total Current Trophies: 18564