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Mass Witch 3 Star Attack On Max TH10 - Best Clan War Attack Ever? Clash ...

Another expensive but effective attack strategy is an all witches and heroes attack

At 250 per max level witch this is very expensive in terms of Dark Elixir costing a whooping 250x20= 5000 dark elixir which I swhy I personally prefer balancing my arttacks with different troops. But I may start using 4+ witches in the future Mixed wth Golums and pekka etc... Probably closer to a GoWiWI or Go Wipe. I am the leader of my clan and a lot of times I donate often, so much so that I hit 7000+ troop donations quite often. And with everyone always wanting different troops I have to keep a pretty diverse army anyway, so I tend to have slight fluctuations in my troop configeration each time I attack. I tend to go with a balanced approach of 2 Golums, 1, 2 or 3 pekka 2 witches a shitload of wizards and a few archers then go all in, sometimes I throw in a few baloons or a few hogs if I notice people ask for those in their troop requests.

Four Jump GoWi Attack Guide - 3 Starring Max TH10s - Clash of Clans Stra...

Using 4 Jump Spells with GOWI attacks Instead of Rage or Heals to get 2 or 3 stars on Maxed TH10 Bases that are shaped for circular style defense like large square bases etc that are meant to have your troops circling around the base.

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Shaolin Clash Of Clans 1 Year Anniversary Coming Up At The End of August!

The Shaolin Clash Of Clans 1 Year Anniversary Coming Up At The End of August!

The clan was started almost a year ago on August 30th 2014 so we are quickly approaching our 1 Year anniversary and now with over 20 new members I want to make sure we can remain a good strong clan of 40 members that support one another with great troop donations and great team work and attacks in the clan wars. I'm hoping we will have a great start to the second year by winning several wars the way we used to when the clan was first formed. This was 6 months after I first started playing Clash of Clans Back in Christmas time of 2013.

Before that I had played a similar Clash of Clans style game Called Jungle Heat, Which I still play under the moniker "MasterKiller"  in the Clan "RealKings" under our leader AngryKing. MasterKiller also happens to be my chosen Chess Player Name as well on Yahoo and other chess gaming  communities. I pretty much understood Clash of Clans from the beginning having played Jungle Heat for almost a year prior to joining COC. So it kind of gave me a head start in my upgrade process and attack strategies. I started first with upgrading collectors as fast as possible so that I could collect more loot faster to facilitate faster upgrades of towers walls and other items. On Clash of Clans I'm known as myself DJEMIR

Shaolin Clash Of Clans

The Shaolin Clan has gone through a lot this past year and I am always very appreciative of all the great folks that have stuck it out through thick and thin remaining ever so loyal to the clan no matter how many wars we've lost by mere stars. A few stuck it out for almost a year then recently left promising to come back when their lives aren't as hectic and a few others I've been sad to see go. I hope they will eventually find their way back so we can all prosper again like the good ol days when the clan was first formed. 

See you on Clash of Clans, Till then keep on clashing.

Shaolin Clan Currently at 40 Members

Our Shaolin clan on Clash of Clans has now reached 40 Members again. Hopefully this time we have several members that will remain with us and will donate often and attack in wars so We don;t have to kick them out.

Currently the Roster consists of

2 Master Level Members
3 Crystal Players
26 Gold Members
9 Silver Members

for a total of 40 Members.
The Clan is currently set to Request to Join and Trophies set at 1400 our
Clan ID is: #RR982Y
we are currently a level 4 Clan

Our current roster of 40 members can be seen below

Shaolin Clan Roster August 6th 2015

Restructuring Clan To Start Winning Wars Again

Since the introduction of clan wars one of the most frustrating things is when your clan loses wars because of a few inactive players that just don't put in their attacks or that don't donate often enough so that others can put in their attacks in a timely manner.

Our clan used to do really well with wars in the very beggining. We won most of our wars then One wrong person became CO-Leader and kicked a few good people out and rebuilding the clan from that day has been rough. We have had a rash of new members that have pretty much sabotaged the rest of our war efforst consistenly lossing by just 3-8 stars each war.

I have probably kicked out about a thousand people within the past 5 months for lack of attacks in wars and each war has been close when we should have won by a landslide. Ending up keeping only my Co's and  Elders then rebuilding again and again. We are constantly getting closer to finally turning our war record back around and I know that until it turns around completely the good players always will look at the war record and run away scared instead of realizing they are the ones that can easilly help change that for the better.