Friday, August 21, 2015

Mass Witch 3 Star Attack On Max TH10 - Best Clan War Attack Ever? Clash ...

Another expensive but effective attack strategy is an all witches and heroes attack

At 250 per max level witch this is very expensive in terms of Dark Elixir costing a whooping 250x20= 5000 dark elixir which I swhy I personally prefer balancing my arttacks with different troops. But I may start using 4+ witches in the future Mixed wth Golums and pekka etc... Probably closer to a GoWiWI or Go Wipe. I am the leader of my clan and a lot of times I donate often, so much so that I hit 7000+ troop donations quite often. And with everyone always wanting different troops I have to keep a pretty diverse army anyway, so I tend to have slight fluctuations in my troop configeration each time I attack. I tend to go with a balanced approach of 2 Golums, 1, 2 or 3 pekka 2 witches a shitload of wizards and a few archers then go all in, sometimes I throw in a few baloons or a few hogs if I notice people ask for those in their troop requests.

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