Monday, August 1, 2016

Shaolin Clash of Clans Coming up On Our 2 Year Anniversary

We are quickly approaching our two year Anniversary at the same time the game itself is coming up on it's 4 Year Anniversary (which subsequently is tomorrow August 2nd by the way) They apparently launched publicly August 2nd 2012. I joined clash of clans myself much later in Christmas of 2013 (wish I'd kept my Christmas trees and presents from that year, I didn't know they would have different trees each year)

We're expecting a possible 1 gem week long boost update, possibly a clan perk 2x XP points for clan wars and update and / or a few surprises for the Clash Of Clans Anniversary this Tuesday August 2nd.

Our Shaolin Clan has managed to increase our win ratio lately and are finally winning wars more often again. We even managed to win 3 wars in a row then failed a war and won 2 more in a row.

Unfortunately had to let go of a few people that have been with us for a while. Just get tired of excuses that constantly lose wars, you know the ones "I had no internet connection" "I was working" (apparently for 24 hours straight with zero breaks) There's really no excuse for consistently missing attacks in war. I mean the game has new features that let you opt yourself out of war so there shouldn't be any reason for someone that is about to go on vacation or that is upgrading their queen or their spell factory to be put in war. And with 24 hours to attack and shorter training times now there should be no reason someone can't get 2 attacks in the war within a 24 hour period.

Our war record is looking better in recent times even if the past record is still dismal at only 37 Wins, 191 Losses, 3 draws out of 231 Wars total . It's going to take time to even that record up. We're a level 7 Clan and are slowly inching our way up to level 8.

We have thought about starting the clan over from scratch because when people look at the record it is the past they look at and not the future. But then we will lose all the perks we worked hard to get. In Shaolin Kung Fu the saying in sparring is "do not judge me for who I was yesterday for I am not the same person anymore" a person should constantly grow in skill and knowledge and if you expect me to be the same you will most likely find yourself looking up at me from the ground.

Our Clan name is: SHAOLIN
ID Number : #RR982Y

I am Master Emir from The Denver Shaolin Kung Fu School
also known as DJEMIR from