Thursday, August 6, 2015

Shaolin Clash Of Clans 1 Year Anniversary Coming Up At The End of August!

The Shaolin Clash Of Clans 1 Year Anniversary Coming Up At The End of August!

The clan was started almost a year ago on August 30th 2014 so we are quickly approaching our 1 Year anniversary and now with over 20 new members I want to make sure we can remain a good strong clan of 40 members that support one another with great troop donations and great team work and attacks in the clan wars. I'm hoping we will have a great start to the second year by winning several wars the way we used to when the clan was first formed. This was 6 months after I first started playing Clash of Clans Back in Christmas time of 2013.

Before that I had played a similar Clash of Clans style game Called Jungle Heat, Which I still play under the moniker "MasterKiller"  in the Clan "RealKings" under our leader AngryKing. MasterKiller also happens to be my chosen Chess Player Name as well on Yahoo and other chess gaming  communities. I pretty much understood Clash of Clans from the beginning having played Jungle Heat for almost a year prior to joining COC. So it kind of gave me a head start in my upgrade process and attack strategies. I started first with upgrading collectors as fast as possible so that I could collect more loot faster to facilitate faster upgrades of towers walls and other items. On Clash of Clans I'm known as myself DJEMIR

Shaolin Clash Of Clans

The Shaolin Clan has gone through a lot this past year and I am always very appreciative of all the great folks that have stuck it out through thick and thin remaining ever so loyal to the clan no matter how many wars we've lost by mere stars. A few stuck it out for almost a year then recently left promising to come back when their lives aren't as hectic and a few others I've been sad to see go. I hope they will eventually find their way back so we can all prosper again like the good ol days when the clan was first formed. 

See you on Clash of Clans, Till then keep on clashing.

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