Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Queen Is Dead Series

Everyone at the higher levels understands one thing that has been understood in war for centuries take down the highest head and usually the rest of the army will follow. Often wars can be stopped and won with just one kill... the right kill. Take out the top general, the president, the dictator of a country and you can subdue the rest. It is similar in Clash of Clans often times the Archer Queen can sometimes hold off an attack almost by herself and your attack may hinge on one factor.... Cutting Off the Queens head... OFF with Her Head!

Our first video shown here shows how Lavahound Pups chase down and kill the Queen kind of like she's a portable air defence unit. a few others show alternate attack patterns and The queen vs Hogs... if you don;t take out the Queen she will kill the hogs fast.

A few strategies include luring her and then using Barbarian King to whack off the Queens head or The Lavahounds to take her out or sets of wizards and balloons etc... check out the how to 3 star videos below to help you in your war attacks.

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