Sunday, December 21, 2014

Shaolin Clan Four Month Anniversary Coming Up

With our Clan's 4 Month Anniversary coming Up right before the New Year Our little Clan of Shaolin Clashers has finally started to mature into a solid Clan of winners. We just won a 5th Clan war and have had a few draws to break our long streak of past losses. We are also currently winning our second war in a row with a score of 72 to 34 with an average of 1.8 Stars and 86.0% destruction per attack. I also reached the Master level and stayed there for a few weeks before I decided to upgrade a few towers which allowed attackers to finally start breaking through my defenses due to the towers being inactive during the upgrade period. I am now Back in Crystal Level 1 with 2532 trophies. Close enough to push back up to Master but I just started an upgrade on my Archer Queen so defense is a little shaky without her, my 4th Wizard Tower and my 4th Air Defense.

If you want to Join Shaolin we are currently at 45 of the full 50 members, but a few people still haven't attacked in the clan war and We Kick People for not using their attacks (at least 1 but preferably both attacks) in the clan wars because it is not fair to the members that do attack. They sacrifice elixir and troops to try and help the clan win and get great clan war bonus loot and if we lose because a few members decide not to attack then they don;t get as much loot back in return.

On a side note: Bonus loot from clan wars is what helped me out with many upgrades in the past. Winning clan wars is a great way to quickly earn loot for upgrades especially if you upgrade your clan castle. Mine is currently level 4 which gives it a capacity of 25 Troops, 1,000,000 Gold & Elixir and 4000 Dark Elixir. In most clan wars I tend to attack the upper echelon of bases and normally hit 2 to 3 stars but occasionally only get 1 star. I try and save the lesser bases for the lesser members so that they don't end up with bases that are too strong for their troops to crush. I usually end up with a huge Clan War Bonus of about 780,000 Gold & Elixir and 3600 Dark Elixir. 

My Archer Queen did a great job in my last clan war attack holding on just long enough to finish destroying the Town Hall of Random Viking Clan's Number 3 Base owned by % Sharpie 97 % . At level 8, she took the full brunt of a large bomb, a wizard tower, a mortar and a tesla before finally being taken out. She deserves a good pampering after her performance in the current war and so now that my 2 attacks are out of the way I am currently upgrading her to level 9 :) Sleep well my Queen!

The clan was started August 30th with a great selection of members we had 2 sabotages by Bad Co-Leaders that left the Clan crippled losing some really amazing people as they kicked out almost 30 members and a few came back others found new clans too quickly to invite back which later resulted in the clan losing a few wars as we tried to stabilize the roster with more great members. And while it has been a long road to full recovery we are finally starting to stabilize again with a great bunch of rag tag members that keep us laughing and make the game more enjoyable.

PS: here is a Picture of My December Base: Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!
I will talk about it in detail in the next few posts because there are many people that like it and many people that would love to call it rushed. See my response here in my next post :)

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