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Join The Clan SHAOLIN on Android Clash of Clans

Join the Shaolin on Clash of Clans. Clan started August 30th 2014 by DJEmir of
Look for me DJEMIR as the leader to make sure you are in the right clan.

My very first clan on Clash of Clans was Hakunamatata it was a good clan with good donations and generous members but it only had one leader who while kind and generous with donations would occasionally be MIA (missing in action) and only entered us into 2 Clan Wars. People would beg and beg over and over for a clan war, but he never would do it so people kept getting frustrated and left. I finally left the clan after a few months of no war. Had I known about the Co-Leader Position and ability to start wars I could have asked him for CO and perhaps helped manage the clan for him. But as it was I ended up looking for a new clan after a few months of loyal membership.

I searched for a good clan and looked at clan donation specs before I found Ghosts, a clan that had good donations and generous members. The clan also did well in the first few wars I was in we won over and over again each war. I was three starring most of the top clan war bases and gathered tons of Clan war loot from our victories which helped me to upgrade faster. I became the highest level member of the clan and a CO-Leader. As Co Leader I felt responsible for trying to make Ghosts the best clan it could be and really liked the Leader Raunak.

Unfortunately the clan had really low requirements for promotions, Elder was free at join, part of a join us promotion, and CO-Leader requirement was donations of 200 or more troops and donate more than you receive. This was a good plan which leads to more donations but due to the low number requirement also lead to problems down the road when we had a few trolls get promoted to CO-Leader.

The bad CO-leaders  started kicking out all the elders until our clan dropped from 50 members down to 20 Co-Leaders. It began when one CO-Leader promoted his friend without any donations and that guy promoted another that was a jerk intent on sabotaging the clan. As only Co-Leader I could do nothing to stop it. I watched helplessly from the sidelines as he kicked member after member out of the clan. The Guy was like a mass shooter Kicking everyone out before kicking himself out as well. I did my best to re-invite everyone as quickly as I could about 14 of the 30 he kicked out came back and I explained what happened. I pleaded with our leader Raunak to raise the CO-Leader Minimum donation to 500 or 600 so that at least they would have more invested into the clan before they could become members, or to simply chose a few trusted members to help run the clan. I also suggested that they also needed to be active in the wars and put in both attacks each time. But the old rules were already embedded in our members habits and no new hard rules were ever passed so the sabotage happened again taking the clan down to 15 Co-Leaders, we rebuilt quickly but then it happened again a few weeks later. Our leader at the time was busy with exams and so was not on often enough to control clan members that were behaving badly at the time. That's when I decided I needed to create my own clan so I could try and control issues like that. So late night August 29th or Early Morning August 30th I left and Started the SHAOLIN clan.

Want to learn actual Shaolin Kung Fu? go to or to start your training

I started inviting everyone on global chat and invited only one member of my old clan to become my CO-Leader I planned on only having him and maybe just a few other new members that proved themselves worthy as COs to keep things more manageable. However I left my previous clan Ghosts at a time right after a bad sabotage so we were down to only 15 or 20 members. Probably because of this and because I was always one of the biggest donators in the clan one by one our old clan members wondered where we went and started joining. And with new invites to join in general chat we were at 45 members overnight. I made all my old clanmates co leaders since I already had established trust with them. One of my Co's started our first war prematurely before everyone in clan was eligible so our first war had only half our members in it. The former leader of my old clan also joined, originally to try and sway back a few of his old clan members, but they felt the same pain I did with all the sabotages that happened and so when they stayed so did he. He is now a CO-Leader in my new clan. I felt really bad about having to leave and even worse that everyone followed me, I was not expecting that, but it was a step that had to be taken and I was glad to have them all aboard.

Just when we thought the clan finally stabilized at 45 members I ended up promoting a jerk that that begged to be CO and promised to be a fair and trustworthy co but then immediately started kicking people for no reason, I happened to be online and stopped it at 5 members by demoting him, talking to him and kicking him out. Had he waited til I was gone it would have been bad. I invited back all the good active players. Then a few weeks later one of my Cos promoted someone to CO while I was asleep, that lead to a massive 30 person kick that left our clan crippled with only my 15 Co Leaders left in the clan. I quickly invited back as many as I could, using the CLAN WAR logs as a roster of former players and Invited back the ones that put in their attacks in the war and that generally were active and generous players. We gained a few back but some already had found new homes in other clans. I guess that kind of trouble is hard to hold back, you just have to be on almost 24 hrs a day. I check the clan throughout the day while I work since I work from home on my computer designing flyer designs, logos and graphics. But I can't be on all the time especially when I have to go DJ or am at Kung Fu.

Because of the new clan and a few sabotages we lost a few wars but finally have turned around our losing streak with..,. wait for it ha, ha A DRAW... in my best Russian chess player voice "Is DRAW?" Our clan is now growing again with good active members and we will soon be winning wars like our old clan often did.

If you are a mature, active player that enjoys attacking in wars we go to war all the time. One war ends, the next one usually starts right after. Join The SHAOLIN, and as Lord Vader would say... "and together we can rule the galaxy"

Also be patient, we donate when we can but we have to be online and have trained troops before we can do that.

"knowledge is not a flower for you to pick, it is a mountain and must be climbed"

Also if you are interested in learning actual Shaolin Kung Fu Look up for a school near you.

DJ Emir's Clash of Clans Base
Above is my current base as of September 20th, My previous base was a little uglier but had a really good defense rate and no one had 3 Starred my Base in weeks thanks to a middle section divider wall and a small wall enclosure around my town hall with Inferno towers and Cross Bows on both sides of the divide. The highest for weeks was 75% and most only barely made 1 star with either the town hall or 52% So while people in General chat would think my base was crap because of its deceptively seeming haphazard unorganized look it actually had good triangulation and a 3 tiered wall system in place that was effective. I thought I had a picture of it but cannot find it anywhere. If I find it I'll post it so you can have a good laugh, and then start looking closer at it's hidden value LOL

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