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Town Hall 10 What's The Rush?

Okay! So here we will touch on the controversial subject of rushed bases.
players RUSHING their Town Hall is extremely common.

First We need to define exactly what is a Rushed Base? What do people mean when they yell at you in clan chat "Your Base is Rushed" ? Well for starters, have you ever seen a level 8 Town Hall player with only level 4 Walls? Or really low level archer and wizard towers? That would be considered a rushed base.

Players rush their Town Hall because they want to unlock more buildings and defense towers, or they want to progress faster in the game. Most people would say not to rush because there are huge costs to rushing. Bu as with everything in life there are both costs and benefits with upgrading your townhall too soon.

First, the downsides of rushing your Town Hall:
1. Match Cost Every time you upgrade your Town Hall, your Match Cost increases. The Match Cost is the cost of pressing the 'Next' button when finding a base to raid in Multiplayer. Imagine that you rushed your Town Hall to level 10. Each time you press that 'Next' button, you lose 1000 Gold. If you press it 100 times, you would lose 100k Gold! That would not be a problem for high level players, but for a rusher, it is extremely costly.

2. Loot Multiplier The higher your Town Hall level is, the lesser loot you get from bases that have a lower Town Hall level than yours. This problem is carried forward to the next step, which is, heavier competition.

3. Competition As you cannot get good loot from the lower leveled Town Hall bases, you have to get the loot from higher leveled bases, meaning that you have to increase your trophies. But then again, these high leveled players can demolish your rushed base and you have no way to get back at them because your troops are too low leveled to hardly destroy anything! This makes looting tougher.

What to actually do: Max out at least -Your Mortars, Wizard Towers, Archer Towers and Cannons. -Walls, Air Defenses and Hidden Teslas can be 1-2 levels away from the max upgrade. before upgrading your Town Hall.

That being Said I feel there are always advantages and disadvantages to everything in life. One must weigh the consequences of one's actions. For me it's simply too late I already upgraded my Town Hall to level 10 so telling me that my base is rushed isn't going to help me. And lets face it, everything will eventually catch up anyway. I mean really what am I going to do? Delete the account and start fresh with a new account after all my hard work? F-No! get out of here LOL. Walls can always be upgraded gradually, they don't do anything against all balloon, dragon, minions and hog rider raids, which all ignore walls anyway. They might as well be made of Marshmallow.

To Rush or Not To Rush That is the Question

DJ Emir's New Order Rushed Base Theory: Maxing out everything before upgrading your Town Hall  is normally the best to play, it sounds great but don't let people fool you into thinking it's the only way to play. I personally enjoy the game more playing it my own way with my own theories and my own personally designed bases. Maxing out towers and walls has it's own drawbacks

Drawbacks of Upgrading Walls and Towers In Lieu of Upgrading Town hall and gaining more walls and more defensive towers: For one there are many walls to constantly upgrade so it will take a considerable amount of time. Walls are generally only as strong as their weakest sections so even if you upgrade a bunch of them if you still have a few large areas of the wall in lower wall levels it still doesn't make much difference.

Upgrading One tower may make a little bit of difference but adding a tower and then upgrading that one to your other towers level is faster and stronger than just upgrading one tower. It is also a stronger defense if you ask me. A new tower can be upgraded several times quite quickly to at least a mid level 4 , 5 or 6 tower whereas upgrading a high level tower can take a huge amount of resources and a huge amount of time often a week or more.

For my own strategy I've actually gone with a different theory than that of most players.  In my theory rushing a base isn't as bad as most people make it out to be as long as you use smart base design. The way I see it an Extra Crossbow, an extra archer tower, Inferno Towers and extra walls etc... more than makes up for not having upgraded the other archer towers to the next level etc. And eventually you will upgrade those all as well.

It's a theory that has worked for me, My Base has for the most part either defended completely and held at 42% to 48% or has been barely hit for 1 star low loot and only 50-56%  It helped me get all the way to Master level before I decided to upgrade two towers at the same time which allowed a few more 1 stars to take my level back down to the upper edges of Crystal 1. People in global will always talk smack about how they could easily 3 star your base but the reality is it always looks easier than it actually is and quite often theses same people are weaker than the failed attackers that have not been able to break through so really what chance do these losers really have? None.

People often forget about hidden traps, size and level of clan castle, the extra defense towers infernos and xbows etc into how easy a base would be to attack. For instance I have a Tesla levels 5 and 6 ready to take out anyone even lucky enough to get close to the Town Hall. So looking at my base you don't know what level the traps are but you can bet they are high level enough to cause major problems for any would be attackers. I also have 3 layers of walls from every direction around my town hall and all my towers have good triangulation patterns to make it hard for attackers from almost any side. Most base designs don't have 3 layers of walls from every side they often have a few weak spots which make them easier to attack if you use good strategy and you get lucky enough to have your troops attack through the weaker areas.

Most people look at walls as a huge indicator of a rushed base, it is only the more experienced players that will look at a base as a whole, not just small individual parts. People often called my base rushed, It was at level 10 with several level 6 walls and several level 7 walls but who cares? A level 10 Town hall also gives me a 3rd XBow and two inferno towers which more than make up for the lower level walls and lower level wizard towers. Also a higher level town Hall has a heftier amount of hit points making it even harder to fully destroy before towers take down the attacking troops.

I made my decision that more towers and upgrading towers is more important to me than walls when I got raided by an entire army of hogs and later by an army of Balloons and Dragons which all ignored the walls anyway, The walls might as well have been made of paper mache since it didn't matter anyway. At that point extra Xbows, archer towers and traps makes a much bigger difference in defense than just an upgraded wall.

My personal preference for playing is to always max out my collectors as fast as possible so that future upgrades come faster, then upgrade towers and attack units to help me collect and protect my loot.

I mean if a Champion level guy was giving me advice or saying that my base looks easy to 3 star that is one thing but when the people making the most noise about how easy it would be to 3 star my base and they are all Gold 3, 2 or 1 with low level troops you just have to laugh hard.

The other argument for not rushing bases is that it will be hard for you to raid as the competition gets harder and the loot is reduced, but at the same time as your levels go up so does your bonus loot. At Crystal 1 your bonus loot for successful attacks is 65,000 and at Master level 3 it jumps up to 100,000 so that makes up for the lesser loot multiplier. And stronger competition means you will get more practice attacking stronger bases which means you will know how to attack stronger bases when it comes time to attack in clan wars. I tend to get about 780,000 Gold and Elixir and 3800 Dark Elixir in Clan War Bonus loot for every clan war we win because I tend to beat the higher level bases in each clan war that offer up 380,000 bonus loot each thanks to all my practice with harder bases in general. So there is always an upside to everything.

I also feel like if you horde a ton of loot waiting for certain upgrades you will often lose a ton of it to raids. So If I have the loot for a Town hall upgrade I feel it's better to use it for the TH upgrade than to let it fall into enemy hands.

This post is long enough as it is so I'll leave you with this... Just weigh the costs of Rushing and decide for yourself if you would rather be patient and try and max out everything first before upgrading townhall or if you just can't wait for that shiny new toy XBow etc... LOL Just know if you do decide to rush that people will always try and call you out in global chat. Especially if you are trying to recruit for your clan, they will try and use it as an excuse for why someone should join their clan instead LOL.

At this point my base is starting to catch up so I don;t get the U rushed comments quite as often. And as I always tell them, Who cares? it's not your base so why do you care so much? Play how you want to play and I'll play how I want.

And as you may have seen me say in the past:


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