Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Long Hard Road To Winning More Wars

If you know my clan SHAOLIN on clash of Clans you know we have had a really long and arduous road to finally starting to win wars again. It seems like Clash has marked us as the Bad news Bears of Clash of Clans we constantly get Paired with messed up uneven match ups where our 1 TH 11 and 2 TH10's get paired up against 3 TH 11s and 2 TH 10's etc... Sometimes we're like WTF? this is ridiculous, but we plug on and make sure every member still gets in their two attacks because that is the only way you will ever win wars is if everyone in the war gets in both attacks.

However recently even with bad match ups we still have managed to increase our recent war wins to a good 50% we win some we lose some, where in the past we used to just constantly lose. Our pst war record was a sea of RED marks now we win 3 lose 2 win 2 lose one etc... a much better record as of late. Part of the reason for this is we have been a little less lenient and have made sure everyone understands if they are upgrading troops or spells they should set their war preference to RED (Out of war) we also have excluded anyone that has missed one attack in a previous war and if they continue to do so after they come back from their mandatory penalty leave from war we just kick them now.

Clash Royal

It can be hard kicking members that have been with you for a while, but we want everyone to understand that while this is a game winning more often makes it more enjoyable so if you aren't going to be a responsible player and take yourself out of wars when you know you will be travelling or upgrading heroes etc then we simply can;t have you around anymore. We have a few members that opted to basically stay permanently red and just donate and receive troops in a more casual leisurely fashion and that is fine. But if you guys are like us and have been struggling to win wars for a while the answer might just be to kick out the members that are dragging you down.The same goes for clan members that ask for thousands of troops but don't donate much at all. It is acceptable for most of the lower players because no one wants low troops but mid to high level players should be donating troops whenever they are on.

Until we see you on the battlefield or here on the blog Clash on!

Join SHAOLIN on Clash Royal our hashtag is #2L9PVJPG
and our SHAOLIN Clash of Clan's Hashtag is #RR982Y

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