Thursday, March 2, 2017

Check us out on Clash Royal : Shaolin

Hey guys, we started the SHAOLIN Clan on Clash Royal we have only 4 Members right now but have a whopping 80 card donations per week so you know all of us are very generous. And if you know me, DJEMIR on Clash of Clans you know I give good troop... LOL. Usually hit between 16,000 and 36,000 troop donations each season even back when the seasons were only every two weeks. So you know I'll take care of you for sure in Clash Royal as well!

Clash Royal Banner
Clash Royal

Clash Royal Cards
Clash Royal Cards

It is a lot harder to build up a clan in Clash Royal than it is Clash of Clans as Clash of Clans has a really active Global Chat which makes it easier to recruit people all the time. And being that I am in Champion 1 and close to Titan most of the time I don't even have to recruit, I simply say Hi and people start asking to join my clan. But on Clash Royal the people That have joined have been people I battled that didn't have clans that I later invited.

But if you want to
Join SHAOLIN on Cash Royal our hashtag is #2L9PVJPG
and our Hashtag for Clash of Clans is #RR982Y

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